Corporate Roaster

phil-roastSo it’s time to honor your boss, your coworker, that office retiree… and you want to do something really special. No plaque, no flowers, no fancy pen with the company logo engraved on it. You want something fresh and unique to send that honoree home feeling special. How about a comedy roast?

Sure, you may have seen them on TV (Friars Club, Comedy Central, etc.) but now, not only can you see one live at your own event, you can participate. Here’s your chance to say all the things you’ve always wanted to say but without getting fired! Comedian Phil Selman will help you plan, produce and even perform in your own corporate roast, and he will host the event as your own personal Roastmaster. A corporate roast is great entertainment for any event with a guest of honor from your business, agency, or office. Even though a roast is fueled by comedic insults, it is actually considered an honor to be roasted since the roastee is surrounded by fans and friends who wish him or her well. It is most often the case that the light-hearted, all-in-good-fun comedic insults are also sprinkled with funny stories, heartfelt tributes and even praise throughout the presentation. Make your honoree feel truly honored and have fun doing it! Book Phil Selman for your next event!